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Tasmanian pre- wedding video

Love. How do you know love? Do you see it when you recognise it? Recently, it was our honour to meet Zhuwei and Kavina: A beautiful couple from Singapore who travelled to the other side of the world for a unique pre- wedding cinematography experience in Tasmania.

There they stood, on weathered rocks as patient as their love for each other. At the ends of the world, miles upon miles of vast ocean before them.

The rain drizzled upon their crowns, the wind slapped their skin in such conditions that would make mere mortals scurry for cover. But not these souls. These souls stood steady, tall and proud.

Her flowing, orange dress blew in the cold wind. He held her close, a gaze in his eyes that spoke of generations before him, those men who had found that one special person to spend their lives with. A gaze of wisdom. A gaze of assurance. A gaze that only stoic warriors in love have seen, and can recognise.

Zhuwei and Kavina reminded us that love is patient. Love is standing together, during trials and adversity, to overcome any obstacle in our path. Love is weathering the storm. (Literally!) To witness the glow in each other’s eyes as they held each other close, her face nuzzled against her chest. As if the weather had changed suddenly and the sun shone radiantly from above, we forgot about the rain. We forgot about the wind.

In the way that only love can express, we all, at once, felt warm again.

Written by: Chris Sargent

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