Tasmanian wedding video Hobart

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Tasmanian Wedding Video Hobart.

Wendy was a friend of Peter’s late wife Trish. They met in Sydney whilst undertaking a course and shared many good times together, enjoying similar interests in each other’s company. Even before meeting Wendy, her name was often mentioned at home.

Trish and Wendy would often car pool for their lectures held in the evenings 7-9pm.  However, Trish would come home at midnight and Peter often wondered why. After some time, Peter approached her about it.

Her response: Wendy and I were chatting in the car. Scratching his head perplexed, Peter thought how can one talk for two hours into the night? This marked the beginning of a long and lasting relationship between Wendy and Trish.

In Trish’s absence, Wendy and Peter, over the years  developed a deep understanding of each other in a very caring relationship. They have strong family ties and strong strength and admiration for their children and grandchildren which have now been brought together by their union together.

The bonds of family also ties in with their choice of venue, High Peak. This estate was handed down by the Grant’s great grandfather Jack. In the 1890s, he planted the magnificent sequoia shown in the first shot of the video. The property is now under the care of Peter’s brother Jim and wife Annabelle who put in tremendous effort in getting the property ready for the wedding day. Thank you Jim and Annabelle!

A big thank you to all who made this happen:

Venue –  High Peak  (Incredible preparations by Jim and Annabelle Grant)
Marque –  Rollins Hire
Catering – Michael Norton (IndustryLink)
Photography – Fred and Hannah
Flowers – Fig Florist
Cake – Cakes by Grannie
Band – The Robinsons
Ceremony Music – Kate Flemming

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